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  • A rack of poems I've written over the past 20 years, as well as videos of various spoken word performances

Entropy (January 2014)

Entropy rises
he stalks each of us
in broad daylight

Kicking the CIA in the groin

The Intercept -- the new media venture featuring Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Dan Froomkin -- reached out to me and printed my comments for the first time, in a story about CIA torture, the Senate's investigation of CIA human rights abuses, and the CIA cover up that drove Senator Feinstein to the Senate floor. 

Late Yet Again (June 2000)

Losing track of time
is to find yourself distracted
by the face of God in the ordinary

conducting It’s train
on a path of Its choosing
while you turn back to the station.

Calling out the FBI in the Guardian

On February 23, 2014, the Guardian quoted me in a story covering the latest proposed NSA reforms from the White House.

Quoted in the Guardian, on cable TV, and on the mic with Davey D

Today, the Guardian -- the newspaper that first broke the Snowden revelations last year, shaming the American press after a decade of failing its constitutional responsibility -- quoted me in a story on NSA spying. Investigative reporter Spencer Ackerman wrote "Utah lawmaker floats bill to cut off NSA data centre's water supply," from which I excerpt below.

Later in the day, I appeared on Wilkow!, a cable talk program on the Blaze network founded by Glenn Beck.

Earlier, a few weeks ago, I was excited to respond to the President's State of the Union address on the Pacifica Radio network (starting at 1:20:30) alongside underground hip-hop icon Davey D.

VIDEO from my 1/23 performance & panel in Berkeley, CA

Last Thursday offered some of my most memorable highlights of the new year so far. In addition to sharing a microphone with some of my most esteemed personal heroes, I had a chance to kick my newest rhyme for about 500 people attending live, plus another 1,000 tuning in via live stream. High quality video of the entire panel, including my latest rhyme (starting at 1:22), is posted on YouTube.

Kickstart a new song about government spying

I launched a Kickstarter project to record my next song: an electro-house dance track with lyrics about NSA and FBI spying.

Washington Post and Baltimore Sun quote me on NSA spying

On New Years Eve, the Baltimore Sun quoted me in a story about NSA spying that ran in the Washington Post on January 2.

In the wind (October 2013)

My time
as me
every instant
to be more


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