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Connecting CIA torture to Ferguson, and fighting Dick Cheney

Over the past week, I've had a series of chances to criticize CIA torture and promote executive accountability for human rights abuses. Most exciting to me has been connecting them across contexts to show how police murder in low-income communities finds a parallel in torture by intelligence agencies -- both of which reflect formal legal impunity for grave human rights violations committed by public officials, and at least tacitly faciliated by elected leaders. My second interview below also offered a chance to call for Dick Cheney's long overdue prosecution and prison sentence.

In the wake of the Senate releasing the executive summary of its historic, 6,000 page report on CIA torture, I had a chance to share analysis with Thom Hartmann on his show, "The Big Picture" on Free Speech TV. We talked in particular about the exposure of separate -- and profoundly unequal -- systems of justice. Impunity for state-sponsored violence, whether CIA torture or murder of unarmed residents by local police, stands in sharp contrast to the hypervigilant so-called "justice" that has left innocent people dead at the hands of militarized police run amok around the US.

I'd enjoyed a series of media opportunities over the past few weeks. My article connecting the CIA torture report to police accountability issues apparent in Ferguson and elsewhere was cross-posted by Common Dreams, Foreign Policy in Focus, and Daily Kos, leading to invitations to appear on nationally syndicated radio, in the Nation, and on cable TV (here and here). I also wrote another piece addressing the President's recent police body camera proposal which will be published on Huffington Post.

The next week, Thom invited me back on "The Big Picture" to respond to Vice President Cheney's attempt on Meet the Press to defend internationally illegal interrogation methods.


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