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Coming Back to Cali (August 2015)

For the third 
time since 
I first saw you 
Girls in leather 
chaps whipping 
men dressed like fairies
DJs bumpin 
beats and who knows
what else in the dark 
foggy mornings 
in the sunset 
pushing clouds 
over Twin Peaks 
down the Castro 
somehow into 
thin air as 
it finally hits 
the Mission
of my life 
has been to champion 
this city's soul 
beyond its borders 
into the pale 
artificially fed 
heart of a 
bloody empire 
which may 
have bloodied me 
for a moment 
but holds no hope 
(like rock 
facing water) 
of standing
alone I return 
chasing phantasms 
eager wandering 
now with new tricks 
added improved 
updated formula 
same package 
same great taste 
now fifty percent 

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