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A night cruising the playa on the Aquazone art car

I spun this mix on the Aquazone art car in Black Rock City the night of Friday, September 2, 2016—the night before the effigy burn at Burning Man. It starts out tribal & dramatic, then grows more jazzy and playful, but remains funky from start to finish. 

For each of the past three years, I’ve joined Boy Scout and the Berkeley-based Aquazone crew for a casual evening jaunt that has brought together friends new & old, and turned out to rank among my favorite memories from each week in the desert. 

My first DJ gig ever in Black Rock City was on Aquazone, back in 2014. I was joined then by my campmates from Heart Phoenix alongside old-school Sonic Runway family (who introduced me to Boy Scout, who built and piloted the Aquazone art car) from the 2003 Sol System village that brought me to the playa for the first time. 

After playing with Boy Scout again in 2015, the 2016 escapade when I recorded this mix included a west coast homie I first met in 2002—before I even started going to the desert—as well as 2016 ReFOAMation campmates of mine from Brooklyn, DC, and North Carolina, one of whom directed my most recent music video.

My favorite aspect of playing music is bringing people together. There's nothing better than giving old friends a chance to meet your new ones!


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