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Joining tech workers standing up

On Tuesday, March 14, I returned to Palo Alto to speak at a rally organized by Tech Stands Up, a coalition of tech workers "standing up for the fundamental rights of all communities and persons." Before sharing some suggestions for how people can raise their voices in today's time of crisis, I explained that "politicized surveillance is not an abstract future fear in America. It is an established historical fact."

I also suggested that:

  • "[T]he founding fathers, despite their various...failings, attempted to create a system that would rule by law, so that we would not be subject to the rule of imperfect people...."
  • You have not only the right to say whatever you like, but you have the right to hear from anyone, including people who will silence themselves when they know they are being watched."
  • "When you are watched, you are not free. Full stop."
  • "To say that we live in a land of the free and a home of the brave in an era of mass surveillance is an oxymoron. A free people are not monitored to a greater degree than any human beings in the history of our species....And a brave people would not consent to this."

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