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Expansive protections against police abuses win approval in Providence, RI

My latest writing for EFF addresses the nation's most visionary local civil rights & civil liberties policy, adopted by the Providence (RI) City Countil to impose several sets of limitations on the Providence Police Department. The passage of this measure feels like a tremendous vindication, as it eclipses less visionary alternatives and reflects both the intersectional vision (and even some of the text) from the Local Civil Rights Restoration Act that I compiled at the Bill of Rights Defense Committee back in 2009.

As I write in the post:

By working to secure the near-unanimous support of their elected municipal representatives, grassroots groups who championed the new Act have conclusively demonstrated the viability of expansive local reforms combining measures to limit police profiling, surveillance, and retaliation all at once. Where concerned residents in other parts of the country learn from their examples, they might create new policy opportunities for civil rights and civil liberties, and together, even shift the national landscape.


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