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Agency (March and August, 2017)

(with Samantha Rebecca Cohen)

Are we all
In a urinal?

With wet wings
Frozen to ceramic
Our legs

Darkness Rising (August 2017)

I see darkness rising
up close and in slow motion
horrors happening every hour
life flattened by profit
one family evicted
one species erased
neither even warrants a headline
We move chairs in elaborate
patterns as our ship both sinks 
and collapses around us on
all sides growing corporate
corn waiting for the pathogen to
strike earthquakes in the last
lands stolen from natives
where having long ago killed
all the buffalo now we
hollow out the ground
and squeeze the Earth dry
while hurling our trash
en masse
into the One Water
We drink our own piss
not because we're dehydated
wandering in the desert
but because we're so stupid
we'll follow any advertisement like
the gospel bio-tech crosses
between sheep and lemmings
attaining self-realization in
the air mere moments before

Disappointment...or the Birth of Flight (July 2017)

Dreams are visions
they take effort to chase
gray hair and sweat
furrowed brows and
sore limbs
inspiration and effort
to first bring
to mind
and more to then
bring to fruition

Dreams are targets
for passion objects
of longing prompting
extension of
self across 
space and (as one
might hope in any
moment for) also
maybe time

Dreams are like
in the
one's foot 
finds Earth
that sometimes


Fortune (January 2017)

Whenever I
I remember

how other people
spend the month of December:
exposed to the elements,
trying to stay dry.

A hair's breadth
that guy
from you & I.

A bend in the river (January 2017)

I rode the water
when the Way seemed
clear until suddenly
it no longer appeared
like a bend in a river
after which the water
was somehow all gone
as if the Universe
watched the horrors
we inflict on ourselves
and walked away ashamed

Mourning my Mom (September 2016)

[I wrote this poem a few weeks before my mother passed away.]

Spitting truth to power on Independence Day weekend

The weekend of July 4th brought me back to the east coast to rejoin Meso Creso, a crew started by some DC homies with which I've rolled since 2009, at the PEX Summer Festival. My DJ & MC set that Friday night was among my highlights of the summer.

After DJing for 4 years and MCing for over 20, this is the first recording ever to combine my beats and live vocals, so I'm quite excited to share it! My several vocal peformances include (around 31:15) this rhyme connecting the dots between our various struggles "from Ferguson to Jerusalem."


Check out a series of 9 sick remixes of NSA vs USA, or download the open source stems from which to construct your own. You can also download the extended dance floor mix from Soundcloud.

NSA vs. USA was written to be a teaching tool as much as a dance track. Below are annotated lyrics, with links to articles and reports you can read to learn more. The first step in helping "build a movement, raising your voice" is to learn history and get informed.

It shows who we are (February 2015)

In my favorite place yet
I learned a great deal
for many millions together
can do amazing things

I learned a great deal
Cuba's revelatory history
can do amazing things
were we in the States aware

Cuba's revelatory history
it shows who we are
were we in the States aware
we'd do something about it.

It shows who we are
when our empire throws elbows
we'd do something about it
if it impacted us

Rhyming about Gitmo, torture, and the New Jim Crow

Today was the 13th anniversary of military detention at Guantanamo Bay. After joining inspiring allies from Witness Against Torture (many of whom fasted for a week and came from all across the US) at a vigil at the White House, we marched to DC Superior Court, where I busted this rhyme about the inversion of criminal justice in America. The guilty remain free and run amok, while innocents are imprisoned en masse.


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