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NSA vs USA remixed!

Nearly 20 music producers from around the world remixed NSA vs USA, rendering it in versions ranging from hip-hop and house to trap and techno. Stream each of these remixes from Soundcloud, and stay tuned for a free downloadable single.

  1. Bahur & Bahur Radio Mix by Nikola Petrov (AKA Bahur & Bahur) from Bulgaria
  2. UCF MOUMOU Remix by Youssef Moumou from Morocco
  3. Jovial Joint (AKA Layman) Remix by Ljubomir Zivanovic (AKA DJ Ljuba) from Serbia
  4. Algo-Rhythm Remix by Ibrahim Stracey from South Africa

The following remixes received honorable mentions and may be included on the single:

The judges of the remix contest produced the NSA vs USA music video:


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