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Raise your voice vs secret mass spying

In June 2013, the Snowden disclosures revealed a wanton, frontal assault on the Constitution by US government agencies. Even the authors of the USA Patriot Act expressed outrage at the agencies so dramatically overstepping their constitutional limits, while other members of Congress sought the appropriate prosecution of executive officials caught lying under oath to protect their careers.

In June 2014, the GOP House leadership joined the Democratic White House behind closed doors to gut a reform bill that originally aimed to curtail the NSA dragnet, after it had already passed two House committees with broad bipartisan (in one committee, unanimous) support.

Do you see something wrong with this picture?

If so, please join me in supporting aggressive, transformative reforms to restore constitutional limits on our nation's intelligence agencies. Snowden's confirmation of the NSA's secret mass spying was hardly the first time US intelligence agencies were caught with their hands in the constitutional cookie jar. But unless Congress and the courts finally investigate the agencies and take unyielding action to challenge curtailĀ their expanding powers (and budgets), the programs that Snowden revealed won't be the last ones to abuse law-abiding Americans, either.

If you share my outrage, please raise your voice -- not only online here, but also offline, wherever you live -- to help challenge mounting executive power. I'll be in touch with updates and action opportunitiesĀ from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, the transpartisan, multiethnic grassroots organizing network that I lead.

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