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Check out my profiles on Soundcloud (for original tracks) and Mixcloud (for DJ sets). You can also find my music on iTunes, Rhapsody, or Spotify.

Below are my latest original track and DJ mix. You can also visit my collections of original tracks and DJ sets on this site, as well as a list of venues I've played around the US.

My latest song, NSA vs. USA, was written to be a teaching tool as much as a dance track -- which is why the lyrics are annotated with links to background articles and reports to help you learn more. Download the extended dance floor mix from Soundcloud, and check out the remixes in a variety of styles from nearly a dozen producers around the world.

If you've got any feedback on my music or writing to share, or if you'd like me to speak or perform at an event, please drop me a line....

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Creative Commons License

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