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A dismal start to 2013, and some interviews on surveillance and detention

The new year hasn't even finished its first full week, and your rights have already taken a beating -- twice.

Yesterday, Huff Post quoted me in an article covering the President's decision to sign the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) despite the removal of Senate provisions that would have partially restored due process principles unconstitutionally assaulted by Congress last year. also ran one of my quotes in its coverage. While challenging the legislative process, we're also supporting an ongoing challenge in the courts: my colleague Michael Figura wrote on BORDC's blog just a few weeks ago about the amicus (friend of the court) briefs we coordinated in the Hedges v. Obama litigation to inform the Second Circuit judges about why this law is so dangerous.

Unfortunately, the NDAA was the second major bill signed into law by the President since Sunday, when he authorized the NSA to continue dragnet warrantless domestic spying for another 5 years despite admitted abuses whose scope and scale still remain secret. I had a chance to cross swords with an NSA apologist on this al-Jazeera program broadcast on Wednesday night: 

Finally, Huff Post Live included me on an interesting panel alongside Georgetown law professor Louis Seidman discussing his analysis of judicial politics and constitutional ambiguity.

I'd be eager to hear any feedback or suggestions.  Please feel free to comment below.

May this year get better than it began....

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