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Darkness Rising (August 2017)

I see darkness rising
up close and in slow motion
horrors happening every hour
life flattened by profit
one family evicted
one species erased
neither even warrants a headline
We move chairs in elaborate
patterns as our ship both sinks 
and collapses around us on
all sides growing corporate
corn waiting for the pathogen to
strike earthquakes in the last
lands stolen from natives
where having long ago killed
all the buffalo now we
hollow out the ground
and squeeze the Earth dry
while hurling our trash
en masse
into the One Water
We drink our own piss
not because we're dehydated
wandering in the desert
but because we're so stupid
we'll follow any advertisement like
the gospel bio-tech crosses
between sheep and lemmings
attaining self-realization in
the air mere moments before


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