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Mass media featuring "NSA vs USA"

Since we released it on June 5, 2014 -- the anniversary of the first Snowden revelations in the Guardian -- the "NSA vs USA" music video has reached thousands of viewers around the world, and drawn the attention of a rack of journalists and bloggers.

Some of the outlets covering the song include WAMU (the NPR affiliate in DC), Boing Boing, The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, the Washington City Paper, Black Agenda Report, Plotlines, FireDogLake, We Act Radio, Unwrapped Radio, Anonymous, and more. 

Other artists who've shared the track include Ft. Knox Five, renowned progressive author Naomi Wolf, Kristen Arant (AKA the Drum Lady), DJ & EDM producer Jen Woolfe, and poet-activist Flavia Rocha Loures. If you dig the video, follow our lead and share the link today!

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