Magic hour crossing a lake on a train (August 2012)

The light follows us 
a ribbon of gold 
splitting a wide 
blue gray meringue
It shifts 
just a bit 

Lunch on a Friday (March 2013)

Her eyes dance
before my mind's
Her touch an unfelt
An inkling
of an echo of future

Explaining a surprising victory in Congress

Earlier this week, I joined host Thom Hartmann on The Big Picture to explain a surprising vote in the House of Representatives to defund parts of the NSA's domestic surveillance dragnet.

Last week, I published a blog post about the vote in greater detail, placing it in a political context, and suggesting some remaining pitfalls confronting NSA reform. As I wrote there:

Mass media featuring "NSA vs USA"

Since we released it on June 5, 2014 -- the anniversary of the first Snowden revelations in the Guardian -- the "NSA vs USA" music video has reached thousands of viewers around the world, and drawn the attention of a rack of journalists and bloggers.

Finding People (February 2001)

Sunday morning
on commuter rail
burned out
by a wild
adventurous night

feeling as though
mired in molasses
which has moved
even into my brain

Raising our voices to defend Due Process

This week, I launched a petition on CREDO Mobilize challenging the judicial nomination of Justice Department lawyer David Barron to a lifetime seat on the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. As I write in the petition:

Assassinating Americans citizens without charge, trial, and the presentation of evidence is unconstitutional — and advancing a legal justification for the executive branch to do so renders Mr. Barron unfit for the federal judiciary.

A consensus among prophets (April 2013)

Love really can conquer all.
That's the only thing
the messengers
actually showed us
Underneath all
the cultural rubble we've heaped
onto their barely
vestigial legacies

Challenging the legitimacy of 3 letter agencies

Acronym TV featured me in an extended interview alongside Kevin Zeese focused on NSA surveillance but also ranging well beyond it. The interview concludes (and opens with a preview of) a live performance of my new dance song, "NSA vs. USA,"

Hedges v. Obama: The Supreme Court digs its head deeper into the sand

I published an article today, "Hedges v. Obama: The Supreme Court digs its head deeper into the sand," examining the Supreme Court's refusal to consider an appeal challenging the government's authority to indefinitely detain Americans without trial. It was cross-posted at Huffington Post and FireDogLake.


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