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Bumping beats in SF at Burning Man Decompression

I spun this funky, jazzy, and tribal house set at the SF Burning Man Decompression on Saturday, October 14, 2017. The setting was surreal: playing a concert-sized sound system at the base of the access ramp leading to the pier gave me the chance to set the tone for every person who arrived at the venue for the first hour after the doors opened!

Spreading love & consciousness at TransFOAMation in Black Rock City

I recorded this live DJ & MC set on a Saturday afternoon at TransFOAMation in Black Rock City (the site of Burning Man) just a few hours before the Man burned in 2017. I had the honor of opening for Steve Raskin from Fort Knox Five for the second year in a row, and was blessed to share microphones with our camp mayor & resident hype man, A.B. This set was unforgettable to me not only because the crowd was among the largest I've ever played, but also by virtue of its ecstatic energy, remarkable diversity, and (audible) receptivity to consciousness on the mic.

My rhymes addressed police violence (at 8:00), global resistance to our kleptocratic President and climate justice (48:20), and opportunities to build our own culture (9:55, and again by request at 1:17:05), and inspire & care for each other (1:06:45). I riffed on gratitude & memory (at 15:15), how solidarity relates to peace, love, unity & respect (at 1:29:15), and my own thanks to the crowd (when wrapping up at 1:32:00).

My first time playing live electronica

I had a chance last month to participate for the first time in a regional Burning Man event in the northeast, Firefly. In between a few DJ sets on Thursday and one on Saturday night / early Sunday morning, I had a chance to embrace a new musical experience that remains among my most memorable highlights from the event.

Bringing the Movement to the dance floor

On Sunday, April 9, a gaggle of friends joined me to host Movement: a party to benefit immigrant rights at Public Works in San Francisco's Mission district. We brought together folks from acros the bay area, had the dance floor jumping under a sun-lit disco ball, and raised over $1,000 for Causa Justa / Just Cause.

My mix from the afternoon spans hip hop, jazzy, tribal, and funky house, and also features my live vocals, including a lyrical shout out to the resistance by water protectors at Standing Rock at 45:15.

The event is a recurring gathering dedicated to inclusion, connection, activation, and transformation by bringing together diverse local artists, people who like to dance and express, and nonprofits that work every day to defend the rights of marginalized communities. 

We'll be hosting the next event in the Movement series sometime this summer. To hear details once they're announced, drop me a line!

From Ferguson to Jerusalem, the criminals wear badges

My latest track, Ferguson to Jerusalem, combines dark, driving tech house with conscious lyrics addressing the global policing crisis. Across the Earth, we the People face a common enemy: so-called "security" services that occupy neighborhoods and oppress communities in the name of keeping capital safe.

My ode to the Resistance

Consider this my ode to the Resistance.

I spun this set during sunset on a Saturday in Oakland for a housewarming and joint birthday party celebrating a pair of brilliant activist lawyers and a new intentional community. It includes the most hip hop I’ve ever included in a set, with some of my favorite and most conscious tracks leading into some swing, melodic, and goofy house before tribal and melodic interludes leading up to a dreamy and finally disquieting close.

Make sure you catch the lyrical mashup around 56:00!

A melodic holiday mix from a melodious night

I spun this downtempo, funky, melodic set for Gender Blender’s 2016 holiday party at the renowned Mission Control space in its new location in West Oakland. Mission Control has been a cornerstone in the Bay Area counterculture for more than a generation, and Gender Blender has been supporting, connecting, and inspiring queer people & allies since 2009. 

A night cruising the playa on the Aquazone art car

I spun this mix on the Aquazone art car in Black Rock City the night of Friday, September 2, 2016—the night before the effigy burn at Burning Man. It starts out tribal & dramatic, then grows more jazzy and playful, but remains funky from start to finish. 

Spitting truth to power on Independence Day weekend

The weekend of July 4th brought me back to the east coast to rejoin Meso Creso, a crew started by some DC homies with which I've rolled since 2009, at the PEX Summer Festival. My DJ & MC set that Friday night was among my highlights of the summer.

After DJing for 4 years and MCing for over 20, this is the first recording ever to combine my beats and live vocals, so I'm quite excited to share it! My several vocal peformances include (around 31:15) this rhyme connecting the dots between our various struggles "from Ferguson to Jerusalem."

Rocking dance floors for Bernie

Inspired by Bernie Sanders' historic race for the presidency, we dedicated three of our monthly parties to Bernie and donated our proceeds—totaling nearly $1,000—to his campaign. My May 18 set at RECON 009: Bernie's Magic Hat moves through dreamy melodic house, tribal, minimal, dark, and jazzy phases.


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